Our Services

Product Sourcing

Team GEN International can assist in optimizing the search for products. We advise and guide you to find the best factories, prices and quality that best fits your needs.

Team GEN International has an extensive database and specialized directories by industry which allows us to work with manufacturers to develop new products based on your requirements and specifications. Manufacturers can design and develop sample prototypes quickly. Our team will ensure that they are made based on your instructions and specifications.

We in GEN International have high standards for Quality Assurance. Therefore, we make sure that quality is not compromised by low prices. We select and work only with those suppliers that meet our strict quality standards for the benefit of our clients.

Quality Control / Monitoring

Remember that because we have a team of highly qualified professionals with many years of experience, we in GEN International can offer the best solutions and ensure optimal results for doing business in China. We become your trusted eyes in China, in each and every one of the Procurement Phases:

  • Investigation and Inspection of the Factory or Supplier
  • Pre-production Supervision
  • Monitoring during Production
  • Inspection at the end of production and prior to shipment
  • Supervision of packaging and loading of the shipment

Logistics, Air and Ocean Shipping

  • Consolidation and shipment of goods from any part of China. Only produce and buy what you need. GEN International can store, consolidate and ship your merchandise to our warehouses it doesn’t matter in which city or provinces the providers are located.
  • Air Transportation: Shipping of samples and products in small or large volumes. We guarantee the best rates and delivery times through our extensive network of airlines to ensure the integrity of the shipment.
  • Ocean Freight: Our extensive experience and years of work in China with the best shipping lines allow us to offer the best solutions that fit your needs, time and budget. Regardless of the volume of the shipment, be it LCL (Consolidated) or FCL (full container), we offer the best route, price and security.
  • Documentation: Rest assured that we will prepare all documentation compliant with all requirements and per your instructions to us. With GEN International there will be no communication problems as we are always monitoring your order. Our team pays attention to the slightest detail and has extensive knowledge of the various customs procedures and requirements in China, and in Latin American Countries.
  • Translation and Interpretation: We have a bilingual staff, Spanish-Chinese and Chinese-English, that is highly trained and very effective in professional negotiations.
  • Transfers Airport – Hotel – Airport
  • Reservations: Hotels, flights, and we schedule and coordinate visits to Suppliers and Manufacturers.
  • Mobile phone: We provide you for your convenience with a cell phone during your stay in China.
  • Advice: GEN International values our customers and provides personalized attention and service. We will guide and advise you every step during your stay in China ensuring a successful outcome of your business operation.