About GEN International Trading

Who We Are.

GEN International is a company founded by a group of young specialized entrepreneurs with more than 10 years in China. We are experts in different areas of international trade.

Our highly qualified personnel is fluent in English, Spanish and Chinese. We guarantee our customers effective communication while conducting business successfully in China. In GEN International our experience, high quality products and excellent customer service makes the difference.

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What we do?

GEN INTERNATIONAL TRADING is a Latin American company specializing in brokering international trade and providing logistics services. Because of our years of experience in China, we can offer our expertise in understanding the commercial and cultural barriers encountered in CHINA through the proficiency of the language. We have a dedicated team that can assist you in your native language and look after your personal interests.

We are able to design specialized plans according to your needs, whether you are a small or medium-sized business.

GEN will provide you with optimal and efficient solutions that guarantee positive results for you and success in your operations.

GEN International is always at the forefront! Offering an honest, innovative and refined service, in which we integrate all our resources, knowledge, expertise and technology to provide security and confidence to each of our clients.

We keep our customers updated via Internet with information we send out as soon we know of any new development of novel products that relate to your interests.

We are located in Hong Kong and Guangzhou City, Canton – which is the heart of commerce in China.

Call us, we are ready to serve!